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What do you need for Better Decisions, Faster Solutions, and Fewer Mistakes?


1. More effective decision making
2. Better identification of unexpected events
3. More comprehensive decision making tools and approaches
4. More powerful approaches to handle complex situations
5. Delivering more realistic and accurate plans for projects
6. Fewer mistakes from miscommunications
7. Improved awareness of possible future directions
8. Better information exchange within the organization
9. Improved understanding of causes and effects
10. Lower probability of mistakes by anticipating the future
11. Employees more skilled at identifying priorities
12. People who see the big picture, not just the details
13. People who understand the importance of details
14. Improved group decision making processes
15. Higher personal responsibility for outcomes
16. Increased acceptance of current reality
17. Greater initiative in attacking problems
18. Improved distribution of new learning and experiences throughout the organization
19. More thoughtful analyses of successes (and failures)
20. More effective meetings
21. Getting a diverse workforce pulling in the same direction
22. Lower probability of getting stuck in “we always do it this way”
23. Increasing the flow of important information, reducing unimportant information
24. More creative approaches to problems
25. More consistently good results, less variation
26. Increased awareness of new opportunities
27. People with more "common sense"
28. More accurate communications between people, departments or divisions
29. More customer focus at all levels of the organization
30. Fewer mistakes which cost time or money

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My need is : immediate future


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