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Thank you for your interest in my newest book, The Prediction Trap and how to avoid it , which was officially launched November 27 at Books for Business in Toronto, Canada.

The key contribution of The Prediction Trap is that it bridges works on strategy and approaches for the future with how to avoid the thinking traps that are common in the way humans think. It explains how these traps stem from the strengths in the way we think: the ability to quickly identify conclusions, the ability to match our current situations with the past, and the ability to fill in information when we don't have enough for a decision.

It talks about thinking about the future, including presenting approaches to handle uncertain futures. It talks about the advantage as well as the challenge of bringing together a diverse group of people. And it identifies four important areas of the future that we need to start to address now.

The front and back cover and table of contents are below. Please ask for it at your local bookstore!

The Prediction Trap - Book - Front Cover The Prediction Trap - Book - Back Cover
The Prediction Trap - Table of Contents
Where can you get The Prediction Trap?

The Prediction Trap is in stock at Books for Business in downtown Toronto, Coles bookstore in Cloverdale Mall in Etobicoke, Indigo in Park Royal in West Vancouver, with more to come...

It can also be ordered on-line at:


And it can also be ordered as an e-book at:



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