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What others are saying about Randy Park:

"A lot of people were talking about your session for days afterwards. We use your language in our everyday discussions now. My colleagues just incorporate it into what they are saying and thinking. We will be discussing something and then, up pops the word 'filter.' That kind of impact on your day-to-day vocabulary, thinking, and communications is pretty dramatic."

Sheena August, Provincial Education Coordinator, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation

"As an association of members who share industry problems it was valuable to address some real-time issues. I heard many good remarks on the value of the tools you demonstrated, and the extra link on your site (for CCMA members) was full of more good information."

Stephanie Reid, Membership Services Coordinator, Canadian Courier and Messenger Association

"We have regularly been hearing the word 'filters' in conversations in and about the office. Your talk has definitely opened up the minds of many and has had a lasting effect."

Mel Bahrey, Sales Associate, Willer Engineering Ltd.

"Wow Randy - you are an outstanding speaker. You are very interactive with good personal examples and really hold the audience's attention. Your slides are terrific and I enjoyed the way that you encouraged the participants to apply the information to their own jobs or lives."

Lynne Sinclair, Director of Education, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

"Thank you so much, it was a huge success!"

Alison Huzul, Program Chair, International Facility Management Association

In the past fifteen years, we have provided training to thousands of people in wide ranging fields - technical, sales, managerial, clerical -in many organizations, large and small. These are some of their comments:

"How we think influences how successful we will be...expect to leave with a better understanding of logical thinking processes." "Randy has made me understand the characteristics of my own filter"
"Enlightening comments on a human activity we all take for granted." "Thought provoking - quite literally."
"If only my boss appreciated this!" "The instructor is very energetic, activates the class to be active, to participate in all discussions."
"Instructor very knowledgeable, good teaching style." "Excellent instructor - Good voice, good communication."
"Randy is very knowledgeable and capable of taking tangential questions without being thrown off-course." "Knowledgeable instructor with good people skills."
"Randy had good demos and exercises." "Very good course. Well organized."
"Presenter is personable and bright. Content is well chosen and comprehensive." "Randy was interested in knowing what we wanted to learn and he talked about each of those topics."
"Excellent presentation of course material." "The course was interesting with a lot of good information. Also the instructor was very good and clear."


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