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"Your people can make better decisions through better understanding of both the human and the systems aspects of making decisions. Decision Advancement helps by improving decision making processes and providing powerful tools to deal with complex decisions."

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Randy Park Randy Park
Decision Advancement provides better foundations for decisions

Decision Advancement provides approaches and tools for your people to look forward and anticipate the significance and nature of events before they occur. The time frame can range from seconds - how will this person react? - to decades - what is the long term sustainability of this project?

Importantly, the framework for this work leads your people to improved decision making, analysis, and communications. They improve their thinking as they address your issues. The concepts, processes, and tools presented help you and your people obtain, consider, and use all the relevant information so you make Better Decisions Today, for Better Results Tomorrow.

Randy Park can deliver these unique concepts, approaches, and tools through keynote presentations, workshops, facilitated meetings, or (for the most impact) through a combination of all three - but this is more than just a presentation. Custom procedures, pocket reminder cards, and exclusive web pages all support improved decision making.

Why don't you decide here for our Thinking and Decision Making Checklist,

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Randy Park is an expert in the practical aspects of thinking who works with organizations who want better long term results. Randy's presentations are challenging, lively, humorous, and guaranteed to get your audience thinking about their thinking.

Decision Advancement is about expanding your view of situations to ensure you are considering all the important factors when making a decision. It includes examining your assumptions about the past, present, and future to ensure you take advantage of opportunities and are not blindsided by unexpected events.

With his finger on the pulse of important world issues, Randy also provides insights into developments you would track down yourself - if you had time.

Decision Advancement is a carefully refined set of tools, tips, strategies, and procedures which allow participants to understand and improve their own thinking processes. It combines scientific procedures with knowledge of how people think to create powerful strategies to use every day.

Participants using the Decision Advancement approach learn about their own thinking style and assemble their own ongoing program for improving their thinking.

Decision Advancement techniques can be used for decision making, problem solving, troubleshooting, creative thinking, and many other situations at work, at home, and at play.

Click here for a concept map (what's that?) of the approach.

Click here to view a two page pdf file describing some of Randy's keynotes.

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