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"Randy Park has been our keynote and guest speaker on several occasions. His presentations have always been inspiring, informative and very worthwhile. Two-thumbs-up for Randy Park."

Wally Nickel, ISA Hamilton.

Keynote Presentations by Randy Park

Are you looking for a professional keynote speaker who will have your audience remembering your event for months and years to come? Where the audience will be entertained, provoked, challenged, involved, and most of all spurred to action?

Randy Park has spoken to wide ranging audiences in the past fifteen years. His keynote presentations are on Decision Advancement - techniques to help you think more effectively and reach your goals sooner.

Of course all his keynote presentations are customized for each audience. This involves interviewing key people to identify the current issues for the audience and incorporating these issues in the presentation.

Breakout session presentations and workshops on Decision Advancement are particularly effective at pulling together other aspects of your events, and helping attendees create an action plan.

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Thinking for Results - Critical and Analytical Thinking

Why are the top performers at the top? It's not what they do, it's why they do what they do - how they think. Randy will reveal the key personal and organizational barriers to better thinking, lead you to identify your own barriers, and show you how you can boost the quality of your thinking to reach the results you want.

Why Don't They Get It? Understanding and Influencing Others

What are these people thinking? Are they thinking at all? In order to influence how someone acts, you must understand how they think - chances are, it's not like you do. Lively, interactive, and fun, Randy takes a look at how to create common ground.

Collaborative Thinking

No one person knows everything. A group of people has a higher collective intelligence than any one individual member - if they can get along. This session addresses why our collective intelligence is highest with a group of people we don't like.

Heads and Hunches - Decision Making Tools and Techniques

Your results are a product of your decisions; to a large extent, who you are is a product of your decisions. This content filled presentation explores how you make decisions and presents tools you can immediately use to enhance your professional and personal life.

Your Crystal Ball - Anticipating the Future

How long term is your thinking? Ten years, one year, next week, lunch? While no one can predict the future, you can anticipate future events and increase your probability of success. Contingency planning in a realistic manner is an essential aspect of Decision Advancement.

The Energy Predicament

There is growing evidence that the era of cheap energy is coming to an end, with profound implications for how you work, live, and do business. The Energy Predicament examines two critical factors affecting future energy security: the decline of energy resources, and the thinking of people who manage and consume energy - including your own thinking.


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