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For an introduction to Decision Advancement, for a refresher, or for individuals looking to improve their thinking, we offer the following products:

The Prediction Trap

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Does your thinking create the results you want? In this refreshing look at maximizing human potential Randy Park explains how we can make significant improvements in our thinking. In our information age more information does not make us smarter - information overload often results in decisions based on assumptions, ideologies, and ego rather than sound thinking. Thinking for Results provides practical insight into decision making and problem solving. (This is the second printing with an updated chapter on Emotions and Instincts.)

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ISBN # 0-9733926-0-6



Thinking for Results (Book)

$22.95 Canadian plus GST and shipping



Thinking for Results (Book)

$17.95 U.S. plus shipping


Taped in front of a live audience, this 50 minute DVD is titled "Why Don't They Get It - Understanding and Influencing Others." This DVD begins with presentation of the Thinking Model (it comes with red and blue filter glasses) and then looks at communicating with and influencing other people.



$39.95 Canadian plus GST and shipping

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$19.95 Canadian plus GST and shipping


$34.95 U.S. plus shipping

Introductory price:

$17.95 U.S. plus shipping





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