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Randy Park, B.Sc., M.Eng. 
Randy Park, founder of Decision Advancement, specializes in helping organizations to get better results by making better decisions. The focus can range from large strategic decisions - where is your organization headed? - down to day to day decisions - how do you best communicate with your co-worker?

Randy holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Physics. He brings to all his work the critical thinking reflected in his study of how people think and make decisions, and the analytical thinking reflected in his physics and mathematics training.

Randy has designed simple yet powerful exercises, examples, and stories which help his audiences think about thinking - and improve their decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, and interpersonal communications.

Randy is the author of two books. In Thinking for Results - Success Strategies Randy explains the core aspects of how we think and make decisions. His second book The Prediction Trap - and how to avoid it extends the concepts to situations where we are looking to make decisions about the future or decisions involving other people. Globe & Mail columnist Eric Reguly described The Prediction Trap as a "stimulating book... a must-read for anyone who wants to confront the temptation to sacrifice long-term planning for short-term gratification."

Randy is a Professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. He has presented to dozens of organizations and thousands of people. As a media commentator he has appeared across Canada on CBC, Global, and Business News Network television, and numerous radio programs.

Randy is also an accomplished sailor, having competed in sailing races since he was twelve and raced in regattas (including two world championships) in North America and Europe in the past thirty years. He has also sailed from Hawaii to Vancouver, Canada. The use of strategy and effective thinking is crucial in sailing, and some of Randy's material draws on his extensive sailing experience.  

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