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Why Decision Advancement?

These days, people don't think enough. They are often not encouraged or allowed to think, whether in society or organizations. Companies miss out on the thinking capabilities of their employees, and on the marketing information which comes from their customers. Many people don't know how to think effectively.

In the Western world, life keeps getting faster and faster. We are asked to do more tasks with less resources. Our job descriptions and tasks change and become more complicated. Decisions we make may have far-ranging or long term consequences, yet we are asked to make them in a hurry. We are often asked to make decisions outside our realm of experience and training, sometimes because we experience a situation which has never been faced by anyone before.

How do you make decisions? How do you solve problems? Do you have techniques you use to help you with these choices?

Decision Advancement is the product of a concerted study by Randy Park to understand the thinking process, how successful people think, how to analyze your own thinking techniques, and how to develop your own tools to help you think more effectively at work, at home, at play, and as a world citizen.

Come explore why you do the things you do, say the things you say, perform greatly at some times and not so greatly at other times!



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