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Workshops are an important aspect of the Decision Advancement program, though not the only aspect. The complete process includes analysis, facilitation, and other techniques to identify and deliver the results you want to achieve.

Here are some sample workshop topics:

Techniques to improve your thinking process

As managers and experts, we pride ourselves on our abilities to make good, sound decisions based on logic and the facts. But are our decisions really impartial? In looking at how we think and make decisions, this lively interactive keynote will help you understand how to make better decisions.

Increasing Individual Productivity

There are many top notch keynotes and workshops on team building, communications, motivation, and other topics designed to increase group productivity at work. But when did you see a program designed to increase your effectiveness in the hours you spend working on your own? In this entertaining session, Randy Park introduces several techniques designed to enhance your thinking process and increase your individual productivity.


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"Why didn't I see that earlier?"

In his experience with clients' and internal projects, Randy Park has spent many hours sorting out problems with designs, prototypes, and systems. Using this experience, combined with his studies on how we think, Randy has developed an integrated system designed to greatly improve the troubleshooting process as well as improve the documentation of the problem.


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