Thinking for Results

Why are the top performers at the top? It's not what they do, it's why they do what they do - how they think.

Why don't they get it?

What are these people thinking? Are they thinking at all? In order to influence how someone acts, you must understand how they think.

Collaborative thinking

No one person knows everything. A group of people has a higher collective intelligence than any one individual member.

Heads and Hunches

Your results are a product of your decisions; to a large extent, who you are is a product of your decisions.

Your Crystal Ball -
Anticipating the Future

How long term is your thinking? Ten years, one year, next week, lunch? While no one can predict the future, you can anticipate future events.

Systems Thinking

Even smart people doing the best they can will get poor results in a bad systems. Systems thinking provides a view of the big picture.

Randy Park, B.Sc., M.Eng.

Randy Park, founder of Decision Advancement, specializes in helping organizations to get better results by making better decisions. The focus can range from large strategic decisions – where is your organization headed? – down to day to day decisions – how do you best communicate with your co-worker?

Randy holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physics. He brings to all his work the critical thinking reflected in his study of how people think and make decisions, and the analytical thinking reflected in his physics and mathematics training.

Randy has designed simple yet powerful exercises, examples, and stories which help his audiences think about thinking – and improve their decision making, problem solving, creative thinking, strategic planning, and interpersonal communications.

Randy Park
Randy Park

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